by Bad Russian

Mirror, mirror, what do you see?

As professional coaches, we all have certain self-perception of our “coaching personas.”   We built and enhance images we hope to project, and hopefully image and actual reality co-inside.  But once a while, it is refreshing (or depressing, or comforting, or revealing) to see how athlete’s perception varies from our own internal image.

Recently, one of IronTeam athletes shared with us her current visual construct/perception of these three TriLife coaches: Earl, Scott and Ross.




(Coach Ross note:  I guess I should feel the glory of being in a good company of coaches who in part are considered to be mortal and immortal gods.   But not sure how to take comparison with kids-tormenting haphephobic psycho candy factory owner?..  Honored, horrified, in need to change profession or modify my communication skills?  Do I say anything remotely similar to Willy Wonka’s: “Little girl? Don’t touch that squirrel’s nuts! It’ll make him crazy!”)

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