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Sharing good race results

TriLife coaches are not known for “selling” their services based on their own athletic achievements (overall race and/or age group wins, ironman distance finished, Kona qualifications, or finishing times).   We believe that coaching knowledge and skills COMBINED with personal racing and training successes are needed to provide good advice.   Great results are nice, and even very helpful when coaching certain level of athletes, but they are not something that should sway rational selection criteria in choosing coach or his/her methodology.  We also feel that one must control your own vanity or size of your head might outgrow available helmet sizing. 

Most of TriLife athletes end up following this approach for their race successes – not bragging to the whole world (or even mentioning it to their training partners).  In a way, we are proud of such humble and reserved attitude.  But sometimes coaches wonder if such silent approach is a correct one.  Last couple of month, there were many good and great performances worth indicating but since athletes did not say anything, not all information ended up public.

This week, my cup “runneth over.”   Enough being secretive about good results!  And we, as coaches, should feel proud to mention our athletes successes.  What brought this up – Lenny G. from IronTeam 2009 casually noted that he “was doing just OK” during the long Sunday Brick on River Road, and commented how late he got there since he had to drive from Harriman SP.   Well, the reason for doubled location is that he won Seven Lakes Time Trial road cycling race on June 7, 2009.   Than someone noted Bill W.’s “King of the Mountain” points at the recent MTB race.

Just before that news, I saw USAT “magazine” with 2008 All Americans and Honor Mentioned lists.   I was too lazy and randomly looked into only one age group (I am not revealing it since all our female athletes are so mature but young) but Allyson K. and Aly G. names jumped out.

Before that, Coach Dennis taking second third overall and first in age group (coach note: corrected by Dennis – isn’t he so honest and humble – if I could run that fast, I would be insufferable elitist) at the Hook Mountain half marathon… and Jarod S., Alex DeN., and Cristine T. placing first or second in their age groups…

And this continues probably to some extent…  Lifers, please remind us on on your great performances during “training races.”

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  1. dennis.ball says:

    Correction. I actually placed 3rd overall and 1st in my age group, but thanks for the bump up on the overall podium!