Earl Walton

Earl Walton has coached swimming for 18 years. His initial plan was simple: “Take the coaching job and you get out of practice”. As a 16-year old swimmer that was not a bad plan. As a 33-year old triathlete, that plan just does not work. Coaching with TriLife goes far beyond simply telling others what to do – it is a full-on workout in itself.

The coaching theory is an honest one – in order to provide insight into a triathlete’s training challenges, you must live the triathlete’s life. This means training, racing, and moving with the athletes as they move. Training as an athlete while also serving as a coach for others is at the heart of the TriLife Coaching philosophy – standing on the side with a watch does not give nearly as much information as the look on your face during hill repeats.

“Don’t be that guy.”

Earl’s background is in swimming. As a collegiate athlete, he swam for NCAA Division 1 Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. After a few years post-college, Earl jumped back in the water with various Masters swim teams in New York City. He has competed in open water events from the crystal clear waters of St. Croix to the mysterious water of the Hudson River to a swamp in New Jersey. Earl is an ASCA Level Three Swim Coach as well as a USAT-certified coach and has coached triathletes for the past 5 years.

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