Training Programs

TriLife Coaching (TLC) programs focus on developing athletes psychologically and physiologically for optimal performance, primarily in long-distance triathlons.

2011 Trilife Iron Team

The strength and success of our programs are partially derived from the explicit focus we maintain on preparing our athletes for two or three carefully selected races each year. All coaching efforts and resources are dedicated towards a small number of goal races that are shared across the team. This narrow focus allows for optimal coaching and training.

A second aspect of TriLife Coaching that consistently results in a high success rate is the careful construction of a very intimate and cohesive team with only a limited number of available spots. TLC is not a club of interested athletes who are simply working out together. It is a team of dedicated athletes who have committed to training as a cohesive team for specific events under the guidance of dedicated and knowledgeable coaches.

Coaching staff evaluate each athlete’s goals, athletic background, time for training, access to training venues, and health/injuries history.

TLC not only helps our athletes get to the finish line – we get them there faster, more efficiently, and joyfully. We monitor all of our athletes’ training progress and performance on an ongoing basis and are readily available via email or phone, although we prefer live contact with our athletes.

In addition, our team training environment makes even the hardest training sessions enjoyable since TriLife coaches and teammates provide motivation during training sessions, pushing each athlete to perform at a higher level and providing support during moments of doubt. We offer several coached sessions each week during which the coaches develop in-depth knowledge of each athlete, including his or her training progress and objectives. Throughout the program, coaches are always available to answer questions, and to provide advice and encouragement.

TriLife Coaching can also develop training programs specific to your individual or group needs.

We can design and execute programs, camps, and seminars for a variety of endurance sports and events – triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons, road cycling, adventure racing, and ultra distance running.

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