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TriLife Coaching offers event specific coached Half Ironman programs, specifically designed to prepare you for peak performance on event day. The 70.3 race distance has become one of the most raced and respected distances in the world. Our Mid-Season race focus is perfect for northeast triathletes looking to race in peak condition. If you are considering a different Half Ironman event in late summer, we invite you to contact the coaches directly to discuss possibilities of training with this team.

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All Half Ironman programs includes the following benefits:

TriLife Half Ironman training programs are usually 24 weeks in duration, which we have found to be ideal timing to train efficient technique, enhance base conditioning, build to peak conditioning and rock on race day. Our simple premise is that you will become a smarter, stronger and more efficient athlete by training with a team under the supervision of experienced coaches.

TriLife Half Ironman programs require an initial interview process and athlete assessment period. Pre-requisites include: previous triathlon racing experiences, and basic swimming ability. Following the interview process, athletes accepted into the TriLife Half Ironman program will join their teammates for coached group workout sessions, and will receive monthly and weekly training plans, articles and other training resources via email and website.

TriLife’s Half Ironman programs draw primarily on the unparalleled coaching abilities of Earl Walton, George Vafiades, and a team of experienced coaches. Each coach is intimately familiar with the “TriLife way of coaching”. The coaches are all equally motivated to spread passion for the “TriLife way of life” in which athletes learn and are motivated to pursue long term, healthy and active lifestyles.

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