Why TriLife ?

Decades of training, racing, coaching and mentoring experience make the TriLife Program unparalleled.

The goal of the TriLife Coaching is to provide a training environment that is motivational, multifaceted, step-by-step, and performance enhancing.

Triathlon training is more than getting out and swimming, biking, and/or running. Elevate your heart rate but what is too high? Eat lots of gels or drink your calories? Race a lot but not too much… But questions remain. Will you get faster? How do you overcome an injury? Do you need aero helmet? What makes a training plan right for you? You can do your own research but who has the time?

The TriLife Coaching staff have studied the varied disciplines required for success, refined their own skills and abilities as athletes, and coached hundreds of athletes. The expertise of our coaches and support staff of physical therapists, equipment specialists, and nutritionists is unparalleled. We take into consideration each athlete’s goals, experience, and abilities, and constantly adjust the program according to the individual athlete’s physiological and psychological responses to the training. TriLife coaches believe that the decision to train for endurance sports is one part of an overall active lifestyle, not just an add-on to one’s lifestyle, and we help athletes maintain a lifestyle commitment to their health that balances their daily life with athletic pursuits.