Fall 2017 Foundation Program


Become a stronger and more efficient athlete with our 12-week Fall Foundation Program. This program is designed for athletes who have some triathlon training experience and are willing to invest the time and effort in pre-season to ensure peak performance in their race season. We will challenge both your skills and fitness. You should be able to run ~4 miles, bike ~2 hours and swim ~½ mile freestyle. This is ideally combined with the Ironman Program or the 70.3/Short Course Program for the ultimate race training experience!

Now through December 23, 2017 


Pre-season is the ideal time to focus on developing the key elements of movement economy in swimming, biking and running. The Foundation Program is designed for athletes who already have some triathlon training experience and want to improve their performance. It is not an introductory program. You should be able to run 4 miles, bike 2 hours and swim ½ mile freestyle. Learn to run with light and fast feet, and to manage your effort level while running up or down hills. Train to handle your bike like a pro. Learn how to change a flat in under 4 minutes! How fast you swim/bike and run is secondary to how you do them in this program. Finesse now is fast later!

The FOUNDATION Program is ideally  combined with the IRONTEAM Program or the 70.3/SHORT COURSE Program for the ultimate training experience! If you are committed to be your best, this is your best choice.


Typical Weekly Schedule:

Monday: ACTIVE REST day. Yoga, pilates and/or stretching

Tuesday: Coached RUN 7:00pm, Central Park (no bag watch)

Wednesday: Solo SWIM at the pool of your choice

Thursday: Coached BIKE 5:30am, Central Park

Friday: optional solo swim at the pool of your choice

Saturday: Coached SWIM 7:00am @ John Jay College PoolBike/Run/BRick to follow

Sunday: Solo endurance BIKE or RUN
Schedule may change based on program progression and weather, and will be delivered via Training Peaks.


Program Fees:


$600 (or prorated amount) for 12 weeks of workouts in all three disciplines delivered via Training Peaks 

  • Coached RUN on Tuesdays
  • Coaches BIKE on Thursdays
  • Coached SWIM + BIKE on Saturdays (BIKE substituted with RUN if inclement weather)
  • Weekly Training Plans including recommended workouts


A LA CARTE OPTIONS – We understand athlete schedules can be complicated, so you may sign up for single sport specific training during the Foundation period. These may be prorated depending on start date.

  • Foundation: Tri Swim ONLY ($300) – 1 coached swim per week
  • Foundation: Tri Bike ONLY ($180-$240) – 1- 2 coached bike workouts per week
  • Foundation: Tri Run ONLY ($180) – 1 coached run per week
  • DROP INS – We offer a Drop In option for all workouts and camps. Please inquire for more information.


REMOTE TRAINING – For athletes who cannot attend actual workouts due to location or scheduling, we are offering a remote training option. The initial 3 month minimum program is $550, then $150 a month thereafter. This includes personalized data analysis and regular access to your personal coach. A 10 month season would be $1,600, which averages out to $160 a month  – a great deal! A Training Peaks Premium account is required. Should you choose, you may also take advantage of our A La Carte Drop In camps or workouts. Please inquire for more info.



  • All athletes are committed to the entire program
  • The non-refundable commitment contract of the total program cost is due by the first day of training. All programs may be prorated based on start date. 

  • You must set up a Training Peaks Basic account to receive workouts unless you choose an a la carte option. Athletes participating in Remote Training must maintain a Training Peaks premium account.



  1. If you still have questions or concerns, or want to come out and try out a training session to meet some of our coaches and athletes, send a message to Coach Scott (tricoach@gmail.com)
  2. Complete the online 2018 TriLife Program Questionnaire
  3. Return signed Registration Forms with payment by first day of training. 


We appreciate the dedication it takes to train in New York City. At TriLife Coaching, we take your training, time, effort and success as seriously as do you, and we promise to provide the highest quality experience.