TriLife IronTeam


This is our time-tested original IronTeam program that ensures our athletes reach the start line ready to rock their best race, but now with Training Peaks program delivery and enhanced data analyzation, we deliver the best training program in NYC in the best way possible. We are focusing on IM Lake Placid and IM Canada in 2018, but another IM may be possible.

Thank you for your interest in the TriLife Ironman team. Read on and you will find out more about:

  • The TriLife team experience
  • Program Details
  • Program Fees and Benefits
  • Next steps


Ross Galitsky and Scott Willett founded TriLife in 2004 with the unique mission of providing athletes with a training program that comprehensively addresses the physiological, psychological and emotional adaptations required to not just finish, but to successfully compete in Ironman, Half Ironman and Marathon events.  As competitive athletes themselves, and with decades of coaching and mentoring experience, TriLife’s Head Coaches and Coaching Staff have a passion for the sport of triathlon, pursuit of personal athletic excellence, and a desire to share their knowledge and experience.

However, the true essence of TriLife is the magical way a group of people from all walks of life, with hugely variable athletic skills and experience, across a range of ages from 20 to 60+ come together every season to form a team. A team where lifelong friendships are made; where a teammate always has your back (spare goggles, lube, a ride anyone?); where teammates and coaches will push you to your limits and dole out tough love when needed, but who will also be there with a hug and advice if you need it; a family of teammates and coaches who are invested in your journey and success.

When you join TriLife, you become part of the TriLife family. We can’t wait to train with you!


Typical Weekly Schedule:

Monday: ACTIVE REST day. Yoga, pilates and/or stretching

Tuesday: Coached RUN 7:00pm, Central Park (no bag watch)

Wednesday: Solo SWIM at the pool of your choice

Thursday: Coached BIKE 5:30am, Central Park

Friday: optional solo swim at the pool of your choice

Saturday: Coached SWIM 7:00am @ John Jay College PoolBike/Run/BRick to follow. Start time varies

Sunday: Solo endurance BIKE or RUN

Schedule may change based on program progression and weather and will be delivered via Training Peaks.

Training Camps:

TriLife will conduct several weekend training camps in New Paltz, NY. Dates TBA. Additionally, there will be a 4-day training camp in Lake Placid, NY on Memorial weekend.

Season Schedule:

We train our teams for a season, and plan season goals that build on experience, fitness and knowledge.  In order to structure this we assign “A”, “B”, “C” races. Note that every athlete’s progression is different and one person’s A-race may be another’s B-race or vice versa.

“A” Race = Your best possible race – you are trained, you are ready.  Recommended in July or August

“B” Race = You are trained and fit, but use this for race fine tuning.

“C” Race = You don’t taper your training for this race. This can be a fun training day.

2018 Focus Events:

A Race*

B Race**

C Race

*If you are planning an A race other than that mentioned above, please contact

Additional B and C races will be added to the schedule as needed. Alternate races that fall within reasonable time range of A races are possible. If you’d like to do a late season race, an extension is possible. Please see below.

** Race day coaching based on number athletes attending



     $2,400 FOR:
  • 7 months of detailed workouts delivered to you via Training Peaks.
  • Initial Injury Prevention and Follow Up Assessments by an experienced PT at Cynergy Physical Therapy
  • Videotape analysis and feedback, including slow motion filming underwater, cycling and running
  • Seminars and clinics on various topics by coaches and guest speakers including Interpreting Your Data, Sports & General Nutrition, Race Day Planning & Preparation to name a few.
  • Several training camps outside of NYC, including IM + 70.3 course familiarization camp in Lake Placid
  • Race day coaching and support at designated events
  • Team training environment
  • Access to TriLife social events
  • Team discounts at affiliate partners



    • FOUNDATIONS – 12-weeks of skills and strength conditioning in each discipline running from October through December. $600 for 12 weeks
  • A.D.A.P.T – Advanced Data Analysis Performance and Training – $100/month with a 3 month initial commitment. The intent of this added benefit is to provide dedicated and athlete-specific one-on-one collaboration with a coach. This occurs in the form of a monthly scheduled phone call to establish/review/update goals, manage individual swim/bike/run progressions as well as the overall season progression and to review nutrition and weight management strategies before/during/after training and, finally, to review up to 4 key training sessions per month. The aim is to ensure the athlete recognizes their biggest opportunities for improvement and to raise the athlete’s knowledge base to the next level.

Requires Training Peaks Premium account, heart rate monitor or power meter and a GPS watch/computer.

  • LATE SEASON EXTENSION – Rates TBD. Extending the season to include an August or early September race is a common request that we may accommodate.

REMOTE TRAINING – For athletes who cannot attend team workouts due to location or scheduling, we are offering a remote training option. The initial 3 month minimum program is $550, then $150 a month thereafter. This includes personalized data analysis and regular access to your personal coach. A 10 month season would be $1,600, which averages out to $160 a month  – a great deal! A Training Peaks Premium account is required. Should you choose, you may also take advantage of our A La Carte Drop In camps or workouts. Please inquire for more info.



Payment Terms
  • Any full season athlete from 2016 or 2017 signed up for full 2018 season (October through December) will receive $150 gear credit
  • Any other alumni and earlier will receive $75 in gear credit
  • Initial program payments are due January 2, 2018
  • All athletes must make an initial minimal 3-month commitment to the training program.
  • Program fees do not include race entry, accommodations, travel, equipment.
  • After the 3-month non-refundable commitment contract of $1,100 due on January 2, 2018, athletes will pay $650 installments on April 1, 2018 and June 1, 2018.



  1. If you still have questions or concerns, or want to come out and try out a training session to meet some of our coaches and athletes, send a message to Coach Ross (
  2. Complete the online 2018 TriLife Program Questionnaire  
  3. Complete the interview process with TriLife coaching staff. We will contact you to schedule an interview after receiving your completed Questionnaire
  4. Return signed Program Registration Form with payment by January 2, 2018


“You are an Ironman”

We appreciate the dedication it takes to earn those fabulous final four words acknowledging your time, effort and success. At TriLife Coaching, we take your Ironman as seriously as do you, and promise to provide the highest quality training and racing experience.