Mirror, mirror, what do you see?

As professional coaches, we all have certain self-perception of our “coaching personas.”   We built and enhance images we hope to project, and hopefully image and actual reality co-inside.  But once a while, it is refreshing (or depressing, or comforting, or revealing) to see how athlete’s perception varies from our own internal image.

Recently, one of IronTeam athletes shared with us her current visual construct/perception of these three TriLife coaches: Earl, Scott and Ross.




(Coach Ross note:  I guess I should feel the glory of being in a good company of coaches who in part are considered to be mortal and immortal gods.   But not sure how to take comparison with kids-tormenting haphephobic psycho candy factory owner?..  Honored, horrified, in need to change profession or modify my communication skills?  Do I say anything remotely similar to Willy Wonka’s: “Little girl? Don’t touch that squirrel’s nuts! It’ll make him crazy!”)


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Priceless Series

St. Anthony Triathlon race fees – $150 TriLife Coaching training program – $1000 Airfare to Florida – $500 Ability to intrigue race photographer at the finish line – $0 (included in TriLife program). Being forced to explain forever that time on the … Continue reading

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Sharing good race results

TriLife coaches are not known for “selling” their services based on their own athletic achievements (overall race and/or age group wins, ironman distance finished, Kona qualifications, or finishing times).   We believe that coaching knowledge and skills COMBINED with personal racing and training successes are … Continue reading

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Lake Placid Ironman training camps notes

Memorial Day weekend training in Lake Placid is getting ever more popular.   This year, besides TriLife athletes, many unaffiliated athletes and large groups from Asphalt Green Triathlon Club (New York City), Ed Zerkle’s Team Z (D.C.), and Todd Wiley’s TWiley Sport (Pennsylvania) were highly visible training on local … Continue reading

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Perfecting DNF

Man got to know his limitations…  Monsieur Charlee Girard obviously still unable to determine his.  He was trying (for the second time) to row his boat from Cape Cod to France (about 3,300 miles).  First time in 2007 he folded after 50  miles.  This time … Continue reading


We survivied Lake Placid

TriLife athletes and coaches are now in the process of integration back into civilized “normal” life.   Lake Placid training camp was rated “relaxing and luxurious fun” by very few (meaning it was hard, just as it was intended to be).  Athletes from IronTeam and … Continue reading

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No one is home

Administrative note - TriLife Coaching staff is away at the Lake Placid training camp.   Please be patient if you are trying to communicate with us – both cell phone and e-mail connectivity is less than stellar in the Adirondack mountains and our base … Continue reading

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Another useless loss

We just lost Steve Larsen, someone I can describe best as renaissance endurance man.  He was very good in very many sports - pro athlete with wins in road cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross, triathlons, XTerra series, etc.  He passed away after collapsing during … Continue reading


Cindy Lynn Sherwin

This week, like many others, our calendars are marked with events that we are participating in or celebrating, both athletic endeavours and social occasions. I was just on a plane traveling to Tampa to race St. Anthony’s triathlon. The very … Continue reading


Boston Monday

Supposedly triathletes can’t run.  Someone forgot to tell these Lifers: Parks Strobridge 3:02:56 (42:39 10K, 1:29:36 half, 2:52:33 40K; 6:59′s) Earl Walton 3:03:51 (10K 42:39, half 1:29:38, 2:53:54 40K; 7:01′s) Michael Conlon 3:05:10 (42:39 10K, 1:29:38 half, 2:54:24 40K; 7:04′s) … Continue reading

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