Sponsoring TriLife and its coaching staff provides your company with the opportunity to advertise and distinguish your brand on the uniforms of TriLife athletes training in New York City and en masse at dozens of US and international athletic events, regularly placing in the top ranks across the age group categories.
Millions of potential clients will be impressed by the performance of TriLife’s “Ambassadors of Fitness” and sponsors’ logos are always a part of that impression.

The company name and logo of TriLife sponsors are prominently displayed on all gear. Your enterprise will receive extensive exposure through the year- round presence of TriLife athletes throughout New York City, the US and abroad.

About TriLife

TriLife athletes compete in the US and around the world, collectively participating in over 60 races annually. The races TriLife athletes participate in include triathlons and running, road cycling, swimming, skiiing, snowshoe, and adventure races.

Team demographics

The TriLife teams are grouped by specific programs. The annual roster is limited to qualified and carefully selected athletes. The TriLife Ironman program caters to 40 athletes each year. The TriLife Half Ironman programs support a total of 80 athletes, 40 for each of the two programs offered each year, one in the winter/spring, and one in the summer/fall.

For more information, please contact Ross Galitsky.