The TriLife Way of Coaching

The TriLife Coaching staff assists athletes by maximizing their sport performance and creating a healthy lifestyle that balances multiple elements of a person’s life – family, work, and athletic passions. The TriLife coaches are defined by their passion for endurance sports and a desire to share their knowledge and experience.

Decades of training, racing, coaching and mentoring experience have taught the TriLife coaching staff many lessons.

The TriLife coaches believe that every athlete is a unique individual with different abilities, goals, experiences, commitment, needs, and lifestyle constraints. Consequently, there is no best single training program or approach that works for everyone. Each human being reacts differently to the stress of training, so many programs taken from books, magazines and the Internet lack the flexibility necessary to adapt to personal requirements and progress. These programs also lack the individual, on-site coaching observation and attention that is a central part of the TriLife way of coaching. Frequently, training concepts and programs circulated via mass media are based on experience of one successful athlete that became coach. It the belief of TriLife coaches that what works for one person may or may not work for other athletes. The TriLife coaches closely monitor their athletes, working to recognize individual’s specific conditions & needs and customize coaching approach and training workload. Even within TriLife group training programs, there is a significant degree of customization as no athletes are identical.

Athletic performance training is very complex and not necessarily a purely science-based adaptation and improvement process.

Successful coaching and training depends on many physiological, psychological, and other external variables. The TriLife coaches help athletes by simplifying training process as training workloads and coaching approaches are adapted for each individual. Over a number of years, the TriLife Coaching staff has developed and successfully field-tested a variety of training protocols, all with the undercurrent of our holistic training philosophy.

The number of athletes invited to join TriLife training teams is kept at a manageable quantity, allowing the TriLife coaches to maintain a firm grasp on every participant’s development. TriLife athletes vary greatly in age, ability and experience and the TriLife coaches enjoy working with the range of elite, competitive, recreational, and beginner athletes that make up the TriLife training teams. The TriLife Coaching staff takes great pride in the racing successes of our athletes, and in the camaraderie and positive environment that our programs provide.

The excellent coaching provided by the TriLife Coaching will make the developing and living of an athletic lifestyle more pleasurable, and the attaining sport goals achievable.